Capcom Digital Collection (Xbox 360)

Capcom Digital Collection (Xbox 360)Item Condition: NewBrand: CapcomProduct InformationAll eight games will be available together on a disc at retail for the first time. Each game preserves all the features online functionality and Achievements from...

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Capcom Digital Collection (Xbox 360)

Item Condition: New

Brand: Capcom

Product Information

All eight games will be available together on a disc at retail for the first time. Each game preserves all the features online functionality and Achievements from their download versions. The full list of games in the collection are: 1942: Joint Strike 1942: Joint Strike combines classic shoot-em-up gameplay with 3D HD graphics. Maneuver WWII-era aircrafts and take on huge waves of incoming enemy fire duck and dodge explosions and missiles while challenging huge enemy bosses. Recruit a wing man and employ new &ldquoJoint Strike&rdquo attacks combining the powers of both aircrafts into one devastating barrage. With new weapons and power ups in the arsenal prepare to rejoin the battle! Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Equipped with his famous bionic arm Nathan &ldquoRad&rdquo Spencer swings back into action in order to stop General Sabio from launching a deadly missile strike. Swing leap and shoot through lush new environments while encountering countless enemies and huge bosses throughout the island of Papagaya in this retro side-scrolling action game. Final Fight Double Impact Final Fight: Double Impact takes players on a hard-hitting journey with the quintessential versions of arcade classics Final Fight and Magic Sword. Both games feature HD-filtered graphics a host of unlockables to discover an integrated online leaderboard and seamless online and local co-op multiplayer modes. Final Fight follows the heart-pounding adventures of Cody Guy and Haggar &ndash three heroes fighting their way across crime-ridden Metro City in hopes of saving Haggar's daughter from the evil clutches of Mad Gear. Magic Sword stars a fierce warrior who bears the daunting responsibility of cleansing evil forces from an ancient tower. The hero is accompanied by eight uniquely talented allies that will lend their assistance throughout the game. Flock! Ready the cornfields and lock up the livestock because Flock! is here! Use a unique UFO tractor beam to herd and protect cute cuddly animals back to the mothership through more than 50 sandbox puzzles rife with dangers. Players can flock with a friend or create and share crazy levels online with a built-in level editor. Rocketmen: Axis of Evil including Rocketmen It Came From Uranus expansion Join the Rocketmen and the Alliance of Free Planets in a white-knuckled struggle to free the solar system from the tyrannical grip of the Legion of Terra in this RPG-style shooter. Players have the choice to save the galaxy alone or cooperatively with up to three other players over Xbox LIVE or locally on the same console. The game is joined by the popular expansion pack Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus which features three new levels to explore and additional weapons. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix brings together the worlds of Street Fighter Darkstalkers and other Capcom characters to provide extremely addictive puzzle mayhem. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix features 1080p HD graphics several new game modes and improved game balance. Gamers can enjoy single player local and online versus modes or just watch other players duke it out. Players can earn Achievements and track their high scores on the Xbox LIVE Leaderboards. One of the most popular games of the early '90s is reborn! Updated with 1080p HD redrawn art and widescreen support this updated version of the innovative fighting game offers a unique experience that appeals to new fans and Street Fighter® purists alike. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix includes both online and offline competition for one or two players. Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 One of the most popular arcade shooters is back! Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 revives classic Commando action with an all new adventure. This frantic war fest combines precise old-school gameplay with Hi-Def 3D graphics. Players blast their way to victory utilizing a huge arsenal of weaponry controllable vehicles and a rag-tag group of specialized soldiers. Up to three players can enjoy the classic arcade-style experience together on a single console or online. With a comprehensive scoring system and online leaderboards players can see how they compare to the best digital soldiers in the world.